Yoni Mudra – attitude of the womb or source


The word’yoni’means womb or source. Yoni mudra invokes the primal energy inherent in the womb or source of creation.

This mudra is beautiful to perform when meditating. It redirects prana (energy) back into the body which would otherwise be dispersed through the hands and fingers. The interlocking of the fingers creates a complete cross-connection of energies from the right hand into the left and vice versa. As well as balancing the energies of the body, it helps balance the activities of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Placing the tips fo the index fingers and thumbs together further intensifies the flow of prana.

In classes run for Partner Yoga for Fertility, the mudra is intensified when the index fingers are directed up towards the heart, and redirected back down towards the pelvis – the seat of creation. This gentle turning of the hands, guided but he in and out breath directs the breath and flow of energy from the seat of creation into anahata – the heart chakra. The affirmation used is “The Seat of Creation and my heart desires are in perfect unison. And so it is”

Mudra set up

Assume a comfortable meditation posture with the head and spine straight.

Place the palms of the hands together with the fingers and thumbs straight and pointing away from the body. Interlock the little, ring and middle fingers

Bring the thumbs towards the body and join the pads of the fingers together to form the base of the yoni or womb shape.

Keeping the pads of the index fingers together, turn the little, ring and middle fingers inwards so that the backs of the fingers are touching.

Fertility blessings x


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