My Life as Fertile Cosmos

fertilecosmos-com-2As I sat in my last corporate job five years ago, I thought it was the last major upheaval and change I was going to make. Moving on my life after a 19 year marital relationship, and a career spanning 18 years in pharmaceutical I imagined huge change was complete in my lifetime.

I was sad as my career served my intelligence and application to be diverse in a multifaceted environment. Above all, saying goodbye to the people that enriched my life. I worked in an industry manufacturing and launching anti cancer drugs to over 78 countries in the world. My role as a New Product Launch and Labeling Manager excited me. But the people that worked for me and I worked for enriched me. The growth I felt through my daily interactions both locally and worldwide opened me up to the diversity of humanity. And I relished this.

I was excited about the diversity of work and people, the timelines of rebranding 1800 product lines across world markets. Getting rebranding takeovers down from 4 years to 2 years in a highly regulated worldwide economy.

But I knew I was ready for an inner challenge. One that would stretch me to new heights and delve new depths. Working with a talented team of highly skilled professionals was easy compared to taking my show on the road. But the knock on the door was too strong to ignore any longer. The fire in my belly ignited me beyond a rebrand strategy.

I was calling for me to be re-branded and relaunched into the new phase of my life.

I was experiencing deep desire to create. To pull my innermost resources and birth new life – for myself. For my children. My efforts started to translate into birthing myself into a new found freedom.

I was observing people around me in business, in the industry I was giving up. In the industry I was wishing to create. I could hear people laughing in the distance, having business lunches in cafes creating from a blank piece of paper. I wanted that for myself. I ache to feel unbridled ideas flowing through with laughs and joy pouring through me again.

I was ready for new growth to sprout. To feel the fullness of my abilities in a new way.

Since then much has changed. Making the change from one of the highest regulatory structured industries in the world to being a creative was hard. Moving on from managing highly skilled graphic designers, I needed time to change and find my middle ground. I went from highly structured to disarray. Forming a new business needed more that swapping 6 inch heels to runners.

Owning my business was not about introducing scheduled breaks, meetings with myself and others and creating Standard Operating Procedures. It involved flexibility in networking. Sticking my head out with richly inspiring proposals of service just to be told NO. In establishments that I used to work whilst I held my corporate career. All of a sudden, not much was making sense. And I was tired of whispering to myself that I needed a performance management plan. The inner joke I was repeating to myself became a rigid hurdle I was finding hard to jump over.

Being available more at home meant my two children thought I was more available. I soon fell into the groove that they needed me more than the fertility services that said no to me. I started going out less. I became more of a stay home mum raising my teenagers. I felt myself stifle and go backwards in my skills and drive.

As I reduced my workload, health concerns started to niggle me. The overdrive syndrome came knocking on my door. Healing my health was starting to become an agenda item. And in doing so, I opened up into my body’s wisdom. And I found the clients that were seeking me out, were presenting with similar conditions. I was able to share my healing journey with them.

Thankfully my solid yoga practice held my foundation. To create the space for my body and mind to rest. In observing my feelings and sensations, this was fast becoming my greatest teacher. I tapped into poses and sequences to help women’s health and realignment. Within months, I created a Yoga and Qigong DVD with Simon Blow, a renowned Qigong Master. The DVD and teachings focus on fertility and reproductive health.

The fertility service started to bloom again. I felt my creativity return. My inner seeker was hungry again. With all the clients I was seeing and the questions I ask when starting Assisted Fertility Therapies, there was one area unexplored in conceiving – Sexual intimacy, family dogma on sexuality, and unresolved abuse ranging from emotional, physical and emotional was missing.

I started to research and explore tantra. Wishing to enrich yoga teachings from union of self, to union with another. Too many clients were coming through with unidentifiable medical reasons for not conceiving. I want to be the bridge to that knowledge.

A new shift has emerged. I have made Performance Management Plans redundant in my mind. I took stock of my life and allow the flow to excite me again.

I am letting go of rigorous expectations, what others are doing in the industry, how others speak and present.

I am saying hello to my authority. My higher education. My diversity in human interactions across world wide borders. My big heart, compassion and understanding on how adversity can stifle creation. Can stifle our fertile life. Beyond the creation of a child. Its the creation of self.

I need to be the fertile cosmos of myself. Heeding the call to create and recreate myself through the cycles of my life. To trust in stillness. To trust when expectations fall by the wayside to create space. In the space there is great wisdom ready to emerge from our body. To heal and expand ourself. Before fueling the life of a child. To fuel our own existence.

Who Is Helen Zee

My first career was in pharmaceutical. My second career was lifestyle coaching for fitness, yoga and nutrition. I also worked with Monash IVF helping clients with pre conception health

In 2013 I discovered, embodied and teach tantra extensively as a modality of transformational growth.

I mentor clients on creating satisfying relationships. And I assist clients wishing to conceive their child. A satisfying life is lived with conscious relating, conscious conception, conscious parenting, whatever stage you are at, I support you with depth and clarity.

Conscious Conception Coaching with Helen Zee now on offer

Are you wishing to experience more joy and pleasure in your body and in your relationship? Would you like to know how to open up to more of the conscious conception realm?

“My intent is for you to feel intimacy and pleasure in your body through your open heart, and embody it as a way of BEING as opposed to DOING in your daily life. Enjoying yourself whilst you are preparing for your baby” ~ Helen Zee

Intimacy is an integral and important part of our lives. Its our birth rite to experience ourselves and to have sustained pleasure in our life. Life becomes more nourishing and meaningful on many levels when we accept our pleasure in our body as a way of BEING as opposed to DOING to create it as specific experiences. Tantra philosophy, practices and healing are the way I offer this to you.
intimate wellness
Do you feel you can connect with your deeper intimacy?

Can you recognise your barriers of protection and are you willing to release them?

Are your worn out thoughts, emotional patterns, hiding or playing small preventing you from fully living and expressing yourself in your life?

Are you trying to get pregnant but cant?

Do you experience sexual dysfunction?

Do you wish to understand relationship dynamics better and how masculine and feminine polarities naturally exist in our relating?

If you are nodding “yes” to any of this, then this is what you can expect from your personalised sessions:

~explore the sensuality and pleasure in your body

~ learn or relearn ways of deepening your interactions
~ understand the masculine and feminine ways of relating in healthy and unhealthy ways
~ identify with the barriers that are preventing you from conceiving
~ healing and mentoring in the parts of your life that leave you separated from your vitality, vibrancy and essence
~personalised education with home practices for you and your partner

 INTENTION OF SPACE CREATED – the space created and offered is one of integrity, trust and a sense of safety to allow your full expression, awareness, education and mentoring so you can take action in your personal life.
The practices and philosophy includes breath, bodywork, education, talks on sexual dysfunction (where applicable). Using Councelling, sexual education and tantra philosophies.

SESSIONS OFFERED are for singles and couples, with a specialised educational program for couples trying to conceive

SESSIONS can be experienced in person (2 hours) or via Skype (1 hour). In person sessions held in Melbourne Australia, or by invite for interstate or overseas clients

YOUR OFFER – as an introductory offer you can have 3 Intimacy Wellness Coaching sessions and PAY FOR 2 ONLY!* (to be completed within 8 weeks of each other for best results

Information and booking can be directed to

ABOUT HELEN – She quotes “Our reproductive area is our life force creativity energy that makes us feel alive and vibrant. Befriending this energy is the key to overall health and wellbeing” ~ Helen Zee

Helen is a lover of life and an eager student of human relating. She is a Holistic Lifestyle Promoter & Trainer and Yoga Teacher for over a decade. She offers support and advice on sexuality, embodiment, nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation and emotional support for women and men. Helen is also certified with Angelos Institute of Holistic Healing in energy healing modalities

Helen  has immersed herself in Tantra teachings, varying modalities and has been said by her teachers to have a strong shakti embodiment. She facilitates workshops on Conscious Intimacy to help educate the community on deeper intimacy and life satisfaction.

From contributing to magazines and publications, to producing a DVD on “Yoga and Qigong for Fertility” Helen’s drive is for people to be connect and embody their greatness.

A personal message from Helen~Id like to hear from you if you have any queries and to see if my offering is right for you. Please feel free to share this information within your community for people that you know may gain a benefit from living fuller, happier, vibrant lives!

* Introductory price of 3 for 2 will be available until May 2015.

Testimonials – what people are saying

Helen brings her deep wisdom, intuition and compassion to the healing space and works with total integrity. I feel held unconditionally by her in sessions allowing me to trust and surrender completely in my process”  ~N.G. Hawthorn East

Helen is calm and encouraging. Her gentleness facilitated my relaxed entry into what for me was totally unknown. In truth, I was so fully immersed into a deep meditative spaces that my cares at that time were totally forgotten. I left the session feeling happy and at peace” ~ James 55

“My partner and I felt totally supported and guided to share deeper with one another and trust we were heard and understood. Helen’s caring nature and integrity made it easy to discuss our intimacy concerns and work on them to create changes within ourselves. Her notes and guidance has allowed us to incorporate a beautiful home practice where we have benefited” ~ CG and HA, Victoria

” I feel my fullness as a woman. My history regarding my sexuality has needed to be retaught. I am glad to have been taught in an integral real way what is like to live my sexuality in a guilt free way. My confidence has improved and I am able to trust myself for the first time. That is freedom for me! ( leading me to revive my relationship with my partner and daughter)” ~ Helen 38 

You are a natural at creating a space where I feel totally safe in sharing everything that I am feeling at the time. And the way you relate our talking time to deeper aspects of myself and my patterning in life has been the pieces of the puzzles I have been searching for. Your female presence is pure and beautiful. Thank you!  ~ Marc 42

“My wife and I didn’t think we needed re-education in sexual intimacy in preparation for parenthood. The process, guidance and tuition Helen offered has enabled us to experience more vitality, virility and deeper connection. Helen even wrote a book with instructions and a personalised book cover! Conscious intimacy for conception is now something that I recommend to all my friends…as we are happy to announce we are 16 weeks pregnant!!” ~ IH and HH, Regional Victoria ages 35 and 37 respectively 

Fertile Mind, Fertile Body

FertilityDo you have an Infertility Mindset that is making it more difficult to create the changes you want?

It’s a blunt question, I know but it may be keeping you from conceiving.

I find when working with people TTC (trying to conceive) there can be underlying mindset of infertility – even though all your external efforts are geared towards getting pregnant.

When people realise how their mind affects their body sustainable changes are made with more ease.

Are you thinking this is you? 

Do you take action but self talk that it probable won’t work?

Do you make love, wish with all your strength that this may be the moment and another voice questions you not to be too hopeful?

Do you whisper ‘what’s the point?’

Do you look at your meal, tell yourself you shouldn’t eat it but grab it anyway and tell yourself you will try harder with your next meal?

Do you want to exercise but find that time orlethargy is holding you back?

These are just some of the tricks our mind plays between what we truly desire and what we think is impossible to achieve.

As a special offer for the month of February I am offering “FERTILE MIND, FERTILE BODY” Skype Sessions.

Sessions are 1/2 hour long.  You will receive a questionnaire from me before hand so I can determine which area of your life needs changing.

As a BONUS, all consults will receive my DVD Yoga and Qigong for Fertility (valued at $30)

Already have my DVD?  Don’t worry!!! No one gets left behind.
You can have a 30% discount on your consult.

Consults are $50 with free DVD ( excluding postage). DVD valued at $30 Or $35 at the discounted price

All consults include a pre call question are and post call Fertile Mind Fertile Body Care Plan.

Contact me on

I will be in touch to arrange a time with you.

P.S. Feel free to share the love with others who are also trying to conceive
P.P.S. Already pregnant? Heartfelt congratulations to you and wishing you a safe and healthy journey till you hold your baby in your arms

Your Fertility Support Partner,

Helen Zee

How Manual Lymph Drainage can boost Fertility

Women have numerous misconceptions about their fertility and ability to become pregnant. In fact, a recently published study from Yale University showed that 50% of reproductive aged women never discussed their reproductive health with their health care provider, and 30% visit their provider less than once a year. This has led to less education and informed choices amongst us. [1]

While the research did highlight the many facts a woman should know, there is one thing it did miss: fertility treatment doesn’t only take place in healthcare institutions. You can easily boost fertility with the help of a spa massage known as Manual Lymph Drainage.

What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

Manual lymphatic drainage is a unique massage used by spa therapists and aestheticians to encourage lymph flow in the body. Also known as lymphatic drainage, the procedure is mostly used to detoxify the body, complement cellulite treatments, counter acne, and relieve individual’s pre and post plastic surgery.


Manual lymphatic drainage is a unique massage used by spa therapists and aestheticians to encourage lymph flow in the body.

Our lymph system is paramount to our overall health. When it’s not functioning optimally we can manifest frequent colds, be prone to infections and joint pain. By carrying excess weight and excessive toxins in our system in overload amounts, we can experience ill health.

The lymph drainage massage targets the lymph system, which is a group of vessels and lymph nodes that complement blood circulation by delivering nutrients to cells and carrying away toxins and waste. With the help of light, circular pumping movements, your lymph system will be stimulated and you will feel more relaxed and at ease.

How Manual Lymphatic Drainage Can Boost Fertility

As exotic as it may sound, lymphatic drainage has the power to improve your fertility. The following points explain how.

Balancing Hormones–Women’s hormones regulate a number of things, but they are best known for controlling their periods. Since the lymphatic system circulates hormones through your body, it should function properly to deliver your reproductive hormones and those necessary for your fertility. This is why some physicians may recommend lymph drainage massage to support assisted conception methods like invitro fertilization (IVF).

Detoxifying Your Body – This type of massage can boost women’s fertility by detoxifying their bodies. Toxins are the main reason behind polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS), painful periods, bloating, and infertility. By ridding your body of toxins through manual lymphatic drainage, your body will grow fertile. Not only does this mean that your chances of conceiving via a fertility treatment will improve, but it will protect you from the heartache of miscarriage.

Boosting Immunity – In addition to balancing hormones and ridding the body of toxins, using this non-conventional treatment improves your immune system. Now you must be wondering what that has to do with women’s fertility, but studies prove that immune system disorders and autoimmune diseases can affect your ability to get pregnant. For example, if you’re allergic to semen, you will never conceive naturally. Some cases are so extreme that their IVF treatments tend to fail due their immune system. Therefore, reduce your dependability on medicines and boost your immunity with this gentle massage.

As you can see, manual lymph drainage can help you counter many issues while improving your immunity and fertility. Just make sure to get this massage from a trained masseuse or masseur and you’ll get all the benefits of this procedure.

Our lymph system is paramount to our overall health. When it’s not functioning optimally we can manifest frequent colds, be prone to infections and joint pain.

Our lymph system is paramount to our overall health. When it’s not functioning optimally we can manifest frequent colds, be prone to infections and joint pain.

Additional Suggestions for Self Care and Home Care

In addition to your manual lymph drainage massage, you need to work on rejuvenating your lymph system on your own. After all, following healthy nutrition and lifestyle guidelines are two steps within your hands. To improve your vitality and help you maximise the effects of this unconventional fertility treatment, here are some simple yet effective guidelines.

Clean up Your Diet to Cleanse Your Lymphatic System – A healthy diet is one that minimally contains processed, chemically induced foods, preservatives, herbicides and pesticides. By consuming such a diet, your system will have less waste to clean up.

Substitute the Good with the Bad – You can change your diet a little to ensure your overall wellness. For example, replace simple sugars and grains with complex carbohydrates, fruits and veggies.

Avoid Food Allergens – Food allergens exhaust your body because they drive it to constantly clean itself. So eliminate these from your diet to complement the detox process of lymph drainage.

Couple yoga

Practice deep diaphragmatic breathing through your nose to keep your lymph fluids moving

Flush, Baby, Flush – You should start drinking at least 8 glasses of purified water. Better still, go for still alkaline water to reduce the acidity levels in your body.
Take Deep Breaths – You should practice deep diaphragmatic breathing through your nose to keep your lymph fluids moving. Optimising your breath enables proper amounts of oxygen to circulate around your body. Yoga is great for both, so consider taking it up.
Dump Emotional Baggage – Unresolved emotional issues lead to emotional baggage, which ultimately makes your body feel heavier. Deal with issues as they arise and move on.
Exercise Regularly – Get regular physical exercise to complement your diet and cleanse your body faster. You can take up skipping or trampoline if you can’t head to the gym.
Go Braless – Freeing your breasts is an excellent idea, especially as underwire bras cut into your lymph system and causes congestion. Try wireless bras as well.

Adding these tips to your to-do list will boost fertility and ensure the success of any fertility treatment you go for.


Yours in health & wellness,


Helen Zee



Numerous myths have surrounded the ever present FAT, mostly negative things are associated with it, the most famous myth which is “Eating fat makes you fat”. Contrary to this belief some fats even help in weight loss. So let’s shed the fat myth and work with the fat facts so we benefit with optimal health! The first thing to note is that, as in all things there are good and the not so good. The same goes with fats.

Here begins the Low-fat vs the Full-fat debate. Full-fat food may have more calories and cholesterol but it is required to transport vitamins A, D, E, and K, produce hormones, store energy, and protect organs. It also gives flavor and satiation to our food. Low-fat food may have reduced calories and cholesterol, but there is usually an increase in salt, sugar, and other thickeners just to compensate for the reduced taste. Processed Low Fat foods have been chemically treated so try to avoid them. Instead choose naturally lower fat foods. Choosing which fats that can help your diet and sustain your vitality is the main aim. Scrutinize food labels, see what your body needs, balance your diet and see what works for you.

Here are 5 facts about fat:

1. TYPES OF FATS -There are three main types of fat:

SATURATED FAT– These fats come from animal or plant sources, and are the typical fats that raise blood cholesterol. Butter, sausages, lard, whole milk, and cheese are some foods that have huge amounts of saturated fats.

UNSATURATED FAT– The two main types of unsaturated fats are polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats, both of which may lower blood cholesterol. Polyunsaturated fats are found in soybeans, sesame and sunflower seeds, most nuts and their oils. Monounsaturated fats are found in canola oil, peanut oil, olive oil, and avocados.

TRANS FAT– Trans fats are added to food to increase the shelf life and improve the texture of baked goods and processed food. They entice your taste buds, then travel through the digestive system, then clog your arteries. They lower levels of good cholesterol and raise levels of bad cholesterol. Some products may claim “zero” trans fat because they contain less than 0.5 per serving, but any product that contain hydrogenated oil is made with trans fat.

2. HEALTHY FATS – Healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids, a type of polyunsaturated fat, have been known to benefit the brain, help with blood lipids, helps decrease stroke and heart disease risk, and support a healthy pregnancy. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fish, flax, and chia seeds.

3. CANCER AND FATS –Consumption of too much fat may also put you at risk of developing certain cancers. Recent study found that lack of good nutrition and physical activity is proven risk factors for certain cancers.

4.WEIGHT LOSS –In terms of weight loss and fats, what matters most is the difference between the number of calories you expend and the number of calories you consume. Fat and weight loss is about burning lots of calories and cutting back on the number of calories consumed. For the purpose of losing weight, it matters little whether the calories burned during exercise come from fat or carbohydrates.

5.BALANCED FAT IN YOUR DIET – Most adults should receive fewer than 30% of their calories from fat. For example, most adults who consume 2000 calories per day should limit their fat intake to 65g. The American Dietetics Association recommends limiting total calories from saturated fat to 7-10%. Monounsaturated fats should account for 10-15% of total calories and roughly 10% of total calories should come from polyunsaturated fat. And saturated fats should be consumed least and try to choose hormone free/organic as there is less chemicals stored in the fat.

Its known that chemicals and toxins are stored in fat cells of animals, including humans. With this in mind it serves us to limit highly processed, chemically laced foods to avoid our fats cells becoming a dumping ground for the toxins. Over time, our human bodies are using our fat stores for toxin waste tips which is why we have an obesity epidemic on hand. Our fat cells are trying to keep up with fat deposits and waste storage awaiting its elimination!

In light of these facts, I recommend these fatty foods which should help you in your crusade towards a healthier diet. The majority are plant based fats.



Avocado has a high fatty acid content but contains low levels of cholesterol. It is a good source of monounsaturated fat which reduces levels of bad cholesterol in your blood and lowers your risk of stroke and heart disease. It is also rich in fiber which aids in digestion, thus reducing constipation and diarrhea and lessening the chance of getting colorectal cancer. Improved digestive health can also prevent bad breath which is caused primarily due to indigestion. Avocados also contain lutein which helps to protect your eyes against cataracts and certain types of cancers, eye diseases and macular degeneration. This food also reduces inflammation in tissues, joints and muscles.


Almonds have two important fatty acids, linoleic and linolenicacids, which helps reduce inflammation all around the body, reduce the level of bad cholesterol and promote healthy skin and hair. Almonds are also a great source of vitamins and minerals and a lot of health benefits can be derived from these fat foods. Almonds are good for the brain for these contain riboflavin and L-carnitine which helps in increasing brain activity. Almonds also contain phosphorous which helps strengthen bones and teeth. The monounsaturated fats, protein and potassium, all found in almonds, aid in heart health and regulates blood pressure. The presence of Vitamin E reduces heart risks while magnesium in almonds can help avoid heart attacks.


coconut oil
In the past, coconut oil was considered harmful in the body due to the saturated fats it contains. However, what they contain is not the usual saturated fat but the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which are fatty acids in medium length and digest well in the body’s system. MCTs and fatty acids in coconut oil are easily converted into energy when they reach the liver thus, prevents accumulation of fat and helps in easy digestion and weight loss. It also prevents diseases affecting the liver and kidney. Another fatty acid in coconut oil is Lauric acid which converts into monolaurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi that causes diseases such as herpes, influenza, and even HIV. Aside from Lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid can also be found in coconut which helps maintain blood sugar and cholesterol, strengthens the immune system and improve bone health.


fish oil

Fish oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids like alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which play important roles in brain function, normal growth and development, and inflammation. Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, swordfish, lake trout and sardines are rich in these omega-3s. Clinical tests have shown that omega 3 is effective in reducing cardiovascular diseases. Since fish oil is a great source of omega-3, it reduces the risk of heart diseases and other chronic diseases, lowers the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. Some research has linked taking fish oil with improved thinking skills and behaviour in children with ADHD due to its high concentration of fatty acids. Brain matter consists of about 60% fats, especially essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 thus, fish oil helps to improve the functions of the brain.


Olive Oli

Olive oil has been popularized as a good cooking aid due to its health benefits. The main type of fat found in all kinds of olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids which are considered a healthy dietary fat. Monounsaturated fat lessens cholesterol build-up and reduces heart problems. Olive oil is also rich in anti-oxidants which helps diminish the oxidation effects of bad cholesterol and minimize cancer risk. Ideally don’t fry with it as it changes its structure and produces toxins. It also slows down the aging process of the human body that is why olive oil is widely used in cosmetic products

How To Cook With Fat:

One of the main things to consider when evaluating whether it is OK to heat extra-virgin olive oil (or any other oil for that matter) is the smoke point of the oil. The smoke point is the temperature at which visible gaseous vapor from the heating of oil becomes evident. It is traditionally used as a marker for when decomposition of oil begins to take place. Since decomposition incurs chemical changes that may not only result in reduced flavor and nutritional value but also the generation of harmful cancer causing compounds (oxygen radicals) that are harmful to your health, it is important to not heat oil past its smoke point. Inhaling the vapors can also be damaging.

A good tip is not to burn your oil, or over cook your food. If your cooking smokes out your room you should consider not eating your food.

Do you want to unravel the fat puzzle by experiencing balanced nutrition plans which give your body the right balance of nutrients for optimum health? Research shows when you follow a meal plan and cook accordingly you educate yourself on what your body needs and you are more likely to stick with it an make it a lifestyle change.

First Step Nutrition is a Nutritional Online Meal Planner which plans all your meals to your goals, teaches you how to cook with recipes, shopping lists as well as motivational emails. You can choose whether you’d like one, three or six months assistance. Prices are nominal for such education!

Yours in health & wellness,


Helen Zee

Bali Fitness & Yoga Wellness Retreat

Imagine . . .


Step out and ignite your fitness and experience peace through yoga

Stepping out of your normal routine and into a space where you feel your body revived, ignite your fitness and find experience peace through yoga. Nestled in the heart of Central Bali, lies My Batukaru an oasis untouched by built up infrastructure. The surrounds are inspired by traditional Balinese and Javanese architecture creating the way for a true experience of hospitality and care.


Personalised attention in this all inclusive fitness & yoga retreat with Lifestyle Trainer Helen Zee. Take your fitness outdoors and experience luscious landscapes and vistas as you walk, run and bike ride. Awaken to a deep joy inside and use it to build a harmonious connection with your body, mind, spirit.  Join us in an unforgettable fun, group motivated Ultimate Retreat that will transform your life and leave you totally revitalized. The perfect combination of yin and yang delivered in the lap of luxury. We’re passionate about what we do and looking after you.


The perfect combination of yin and yang delivered in the lap of luxury.

Our 7 day program will provide you with a balanced mix of fitness sessions every morning, scenic fitness activities on most days, hot springs, river swim, an authentic Balinese cooking class, temple trek and blessing, a bike ride (the best way to explore Bali), and finishing off each day with a yoga session to restore your balance.

Our aim is to have you build on your fitness, experience your vitality outdoors, be nourished with home grown organic local produce and juices, and experience the magic vibe of Mt Batukaru. Helen Zee recalls fondly feeling vibrations run through her body when she was looking at retreat spaces – “this place is magical and restorative” she adds

Full details are outlined below!

Enjoy the stunning sunsets, sculpted rice terraces and temples as you trek, bike, hike and train in nature. Feel revitalise and restored through yoga and nourish your body with locally grown organic produce.


Feel revitalise and restored through yoga and nourish your body with locally grown organic produce

Experience the mountainside of Mt. Batukaru, Central Bali and stay at the Bali Mountain Retreat Oasis for 6 nights / 7 days.

The event are all inclusive of:

  • Mountain Bike to Hot Springs with picnic lunch
  • Jungle trek through waterfalls
  • Temple trek with blessing ceremony
  • Village walk and swim
  • Daily fitness and yoga workshop with Helen
  • Balinese cooking class
  • Havan Fire Ceremony

Bali Fitness & Yoga Wellness Retreat also include:

  • Airport transfers to and from Denpasar and Bali Mountain Retreat
  • Accommodation (twin/single) with daily housekeeping
  • Free meals
  • 1 hour complimentary Balinese massage
  • Complimentary filtered spring water for the duration of the retreat
  • Guides for all tours
  • Free WiFi

Secure your place now or before the 20th February 2014 with a deposit of $200.  For more details, feel free to contact us.

Helen Zee
Call us +61 402  781  773

Get to know your trainer…

If you are thinking of joining Helen for an all encompassing body mind calibration and experience utmost professional coaching and guidance, you may want to get to know her 🙂

About Helen

I am the founder of Fertile Cosmos – your Lifestyle Fertility Support Partner.

Having a background in Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition and healing modalities, I have worked exclusively with clients who have struggled to conceive for over a decade. During this time I ran programs at Monash IVF Melbourne with outstanding results including falling pregnant naturally between cycles, second conceptions and high conception success.

The past few years have been devoted to researching why conception can be a challenge for so many couples. I have a Bachelor of Science where I studied Human Anatomy, Reproductive Health Genetics and Microbiology. Teh information I present is science and medically based in my research and publications.  ABC Health and Wellbeing reports 40% of men have the fertility issues, but assisted conception involves the female undergoing intervention treatment 100% of the time.

This is where my quest has led me to research a number of modalities and devise a series of programs that involve both males and females. Also, the lack of modalities on offer to regional countries where couples feel left out from the big city options and resources. My programs have been developed so no one misses out. I have experienced first hand the intense longing and deep desire that so many have for creating a new life. Fertile Cosmos vision is to aid in minimising the angst.

Fertility blessings,


Helen Zee

Helen Zee

Learn Acupressure for Fertility

Written by Helen Zee July 2013

Why Wait for a Full Year to Be Labelled Infertile?

Young family of three (2)The general perception of infertility is a couple endeavoring their first pregnancy and failing after one year of unprotected sex. Yet, within the first year of trying to conceive, 80 to 85 percent of couples succeed. Those that do not succeed are considered by some to be infertile.

But the next question is this: is it the man or the woman who needs the help? And what’s the reason for not getting pregnant when a couple has had tests and it comes up as unexplained infertility, or idiopathic, as it is referred in the medical world?

Statistics show us that the infertility really could be because either the man or the woman needs a little extra help.

One German study reported in the journal, Fertility and Sterility in 2002, found that women who had acupuncture treatments before and after IVF or similar techniques got pregnant 16% more than those who had no acupuncture. Of the group that received the acupuncture, a full 42% became pregnant.

More recent studies can be found at

Acupressure is a Modification of Acupuncture

Another method used in natural healing is acupressure. In this ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique, acupuncture points for fertility are used. Instead of using a needle, pressure is applied to the acupuncture points throughout the body with the fingers. The points on the body may be on the face, the head, back, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, thighs, feet, and even the ears. This ill lead to improved reproductive energy flow.

What to press and when

bleeding roseKnowing when in your cycle you should stimulate your reproductive flow can lead you to greater intimacy in road mapping your health and vitality. These simple yet effective points are renowned in the ancient healing arts and natural therapies to work. you now have access to the same techniques in the comfort of your own home.

3 Lower Abdominal Acupressure Points

When working on the lower abdominal acupressure points for fertility, only stimulate these 3 points during the first half of your menstrual cycle. This is the time before ovulation. If you are preparing for the IVF cycle, apply pressure on these points up until the day before embryo transfer. Also, never apply pressure on these points if you are pregnant.

Sometimes it’s good to see a picture before you begin trying to find these points. Take a minute to look at the drawing to see how easy it is to find these acupressure points for fertility.

acupressure points

Ren 3

This acupressure fertility point is considered to be the Central Pole of the conception meridian. It is located on the middle line, four inches below the belly button.

Stimulating this point helps regulate the menses, strengthens the kidneys and the urinary bladder. It has helped in cases of endometriosis and pelvic inflammation that interferes with implantation

How to use this point:  Stimulate this point using deep, clockwise circular motion. Do not stimulate after ovulation or during pregnancy.


This acupressure point is also called “Place of the Child”. It is locate 4 inches below the belly button and three inches away from the centerline of the body. This point is the site of the ovaries. The stimulation of this point increases blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, addressing infertility related to menstrual problem.

How to use this point:  Use deep clockwise massage to stimulate this point every day or every other day before ovulation. 

St 30

This point is found 5 inches below the belly button and two inches away from the midline. When stimulated it helps increase function of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus by releasing stagnation. Stagnation is a term in acupressure to refer to the congestion of energy due to a blockage on any one of the meridians.

There are another 3 lower abdomen points as well as points on the back, ears and upper belly. The full guide and instruction can be accessed in the below link. there is also a guide created for male fertility

Stimulate these  points daily for a few weeks and see what happens. Monitor how you feel. You may notice an improvement in your sense of vitality. And don’t ever give up hope!

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